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I have no shame! With that said if you could not tell by the poses I create that I also like to create Sims 3 stories. It was those stories that motivated me to make this blog. So I do have another blog called Aeonisims where I host all of my stories at. I'd feel odd about not linking them and stuff so I had to do it! Any ways, These stories Include...

  A story that follows a model who discovers a world she knows little about. A world where Vampires are as common as any and other secrets wait to be found. A world where Death is impatient and love is non-existent. The story also focuses on other characters that find themselves in such a world...

Bloody Fates
 Sexier and Bloodier, Bloody Fates is a continuation of Dire Fates. Taking place mostly in the City of Angels AKA Los Angeles Bloody Fates follows Carolyn and those around her in a world paranormal is growing to be quite normal. Do Vampires have anything to fear from Vampire hunters or do they own the night forever and always?

The year is 2015, humanity has not grown much technologically, but Dr. Wilmer English after many failures has possibly created the worlds first android with an impressive artificial intelligence. Although many are worried about what this may bring, Dr.English promises that while it's A.I is the most complex used by any machine to date, it is completely incapable of feeling strong emotions such as love and hate...  

What do you get when you mix the durability of the strongest metal, the resilience of an ant, and a master of all combat forms? What then happens when you add in dashing good looks and charisma to even win the devil over? You get Larry Howard, more famously known as 'The Phenomenal Larry Stunning' or just 'Larry Stunning' and maybe even 'Mr. Unreal'. No matter what you call him one thing everyone agrees on is he's the most dependent hero in Bridgeport.
With Lady Flare by his side, would be villains and ne'er-do-wells tremble at the sight of the red star. Follow the adventures of Larry and a few others as they tackle crime and mischief in Bridgeport and beyond!

Annals Of Simopia
The Annals of Simopia tells the tales of sims long remembered and since forgotten. The lands of Simopia were fought over long ago, and won through blood, deceit, peace, and love...
A treaty prevents war and chaos between the Kingdom of Iunia and the Dust Empires, but how long can peace last when both sides are eager to expand their borders?

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