Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When it's ready.

Just like certain video game developers I've found a lot of use for these phrases...soon...and when it is ready, so very convenient they are. Any ways I'll probably get back to putting up poses and what not because I realize how many people used them so it's good to feel useful right? Yeah. I'm writing this in a semi-depressed state but regardless I'll cheer up in the next 5 minutes and uhh release some poses. I think since the last few poses I released (the requested ones) I've made like a gajillion of these things for my own stories which the few who read them will see them used sometimes but they are not named properly and are really well just not for mass consumption I guess so I won't be releasing those here. Although if anyone asks for those I'll give them out although not with pictures and not packaged...

But hopefully Soon I'll get around to releasing poses again. I don't think I'll take requests(at least not as openly as I was before), it kind of stops me from releasing the other poses. As usual the pictures and stuff will be bland and just show the pose as blandly as possible and whatnot so the same kinda thing with the emphasis on story telling. My goal is to get some out every week but we'll see if that's possible, well of course it's possible but...ANY WAYS I meant to post this yesterday with the spam spam thing but as usual I'm a bit sporadic and my brain works incorrectly as I'm sure some have noticed.


  1. Sorry to hear about your semi-depressed state (whatever that means) :-(.

    Yay for new poses! I suppose you've already guessed I love your poses (I use them all the time...) ;-). I don't find your pics bland, they perfectly serve their purpose and are easy to spot in the poselist :-D.

    1. Semi-depression is a stage before full on depression. Right before that stage though one is able to cheer up eventually, unless they fall into full depression...either way I can confirm that there will be new poses!

      I'm looking at sometime this weekend!

      As for the pics! I just see so many other pose makers have all their pics decorated and stuff! I just throw my sims in a white room :P I just don't really have time for that since I'm busy creating those very same scenes for my own stories. So that's excessive for me at least. I'm glad though people don't seem to mind the presentation of them.

      Also yeah I've seen my poses in your story! It's always cool to see that someone found your pose good enough for a story, especially when the story is as well constructed as yours.