Thursday, July 26, 2012

My First Pose Set! (The Hangout Series)

The Hangout Series
First of all...Hello! Welcome to the Aeoverse!
Some of you may know me for creating Sims 3 stories. Most of them are located at my main blog called Aeonisims ... you can find all of my stories located there. Most are for more mature audiences except for "Alive" and "The Phenomenal Larry Stunning"
With all of that said I'm not going to blog about my story updates here on this blog (because I have a blog for that!). Although I will sorta promote my stories by using the sims I created for those stories I guess with the occasional link, but that's about it. Also I imagine the presentation of the poses will get better, they were not exactly a priority. Also the Blog may completely look different as it is currently under construction!

With all of that said this blog will be mainly for the Poses I plan on creating and whatever else I experiment in. So without further ado here is my first pose pack! Demonstrated by Lillian, Brandi, and Doug from the Dire Fates/Bloody Fates series.